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Drama Free Debate Community

No Bigots or Idiots Allowed!

The Community For Intelligent Bickering
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This community is for those, who enjoy a nice debate but are sick of finding their names appearing on LJ Drama. This community is geared towards those, who like to argue intelligently. With this in mind, here are the rules.

The Rules

1. Absolutely NO swearing will be tolerated. In 99% of scientific studies, those who eliminated use of curse words from their vocabulary looked smarter. If the word is banned by the FCC, it is banned here. Posts with inappropriate language will be deleted.

2. No name calling. If your argument is so weak that you have to resort to insulting another member, it does not deserve to be in this community--or in your head for that matter.

3. There are communities made specifically for posting ads for other communities. Advertising other communities should only be used in comments to redirect those who are lost and confused. Posts such as, "I made a community for my dog! Check it out!" are annoying.

4. Don't get off topic.

5. Though the purpose of this community is to debate views, it doesn't mean that everyone's beliefs are out there to be pounded to bits. There is a difference between educating someone and ripping someone apart. Please, don't rip people apart.

6. Members, posts, and comments are to be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Please, do not take that responsibility into your own hands. Simply say, "MODERATOR!", and it will be taken care of in a timely fashion if it is deemed necessary.

This community was created by callmehero.