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Syria-North Korea Axis Alliance?

North Korea recently hosting Syrian leaders.

This is old news -- happened on the 6th -- almost a month ago. But here are some excerpts from Al Jazeera, investing why Israel dropped a munition-load on "empty desert" in Syria -- at least Syria claims the area was empty. Al Jazeera asks, what really happened:

-Was Israel attacking munitions headed from Iran to Hezbollah?
-Was Israel practicing for an attack on Iran (unlikely -- this is pretty stupid, they could practice in their own state).
-Did Israel bomb a nuclear facility growth site, a joint venture between North Korea and Syria, both of which have been working closely together recently.

The commentators say that the act by Israel was against international law, but, of course, thats a lie since BOTH Syria and Israel are in a continued state of war -- there was never a peace treaty declared after the last conflict, and the war was never ended.

Similarly, North Korea and the U.S. are still technically at war since the Korean War -- and any act of aggression from either side is not a violation of any law, it is merely a continuation of the existent war that was placed on hold for diplomatic purposes. Wars have frequently been put on pause throughout the history of warfare, especially during winters, holy days, and to test diplomacy.

If you want my opinion -- North Korea is the LEAST believable source of information, almost always making 10 different versions of the same story, even on innocent topics that no one would care about. Their government simply is nothing but lies. Syria is not believable, but fairly consistent in what they are not believable about -- especially Lebannon -- Syria being the biggest enemy of its fellow Arab state, Lebannon. And while the United States is generally believable, the Bush administration has proven to be full of liars and often creates misinformation for tactical purposes. Israel is in its normal mode similar to the Bush administration in propaganda, but usually more truthful than Syria and far more truthful than North Korea.

In a nutshell -- they are all liars. So who the hell knows what's going on.

Maybe if these people started speaking the truth, we might get somewhere. As is, the way that ALL sides are lying to the right and left of their mouths -- don't blame any one state if any conflict does occur. This situation is a perfect storm for war. Especially if Syria and North Korea continue to interact. And especially if Syria and Iran continue to support Hezbollah against Lebannon. And especially if Israel continues to feel cornered or inadequate after its recent "losses" against Hezbollah, where it foolish waged a land war against a terrorist organization, which is, of course, not "based" at all -- but guerilla warfare.

Syria clearly is working with North Korea on arms and military supplies. But its questionable whether North Korea is transfering its nuclear technology -- for one thing, because this would firmly confirm an "Axis of Evil" if ever discovered, but also because North Korea is currently on thin ice itself with the United States, and as US relations with South Korea weaken, the U.S. incentive to engage in regime change in North Korea increases, especially at a time when Japan is going to put in power a pro-War on Terror Prime Minister.

However, considering that Israel has nuclear weapons and that Iran is WORKING on nuclear weapons, and Syria clearly is militarily invested in the region -- especially being of the Baathist Party, a Nazi-originated military-based party -- it would be in Syrias interest to develop nuclear weapons as well.. if ONLY because that would prevent Israel from ever invading, and it would prevent IRAN from pushing Syria around. Syria can make the case that it NEEDS nuclear weapons in such an environment -- especially now that Iraq -- which WAS a former Baathist state and semi-ally -- has now fallen and will soon be under primary influence of the IRAN and of course also the United States.

Thus, Syria would feel increasingly surrounded, and would LIKELY WANT TO DEVELOP nuclear weapons -- and would probably PAY ANYTHING to North Korea for their nuclear technology, which includes imperfect nuclear weapon technology.

North Korea, being a very poor Communist state that is anti-American, would VERY LIKELY accept if the price was right.

I urge you not to believe ANY of what Syrians say, ANY of what Israel, Iran or the US or North Korea (in fact, never believe North Korea -- they lie even when they dont have to, as part of a policy to keep all states guessing, even China), and simply trust what makes sense.

Its likely North Korea is selling some kind of advanced weaponry to Syria -- advanced weaponry is all the North Korea does. So if they are visiting and meeting with Syria frequently -- they are selling SOME kind of weapons.

Syria is feeling surrounded by 3 nuclear powers -- the U.S., Israel, and from a Syrian perspective, Iran (since "soon" is as good as "now", when catching-up is involved). Syria has been and continues to be involved in assassinations associated with pro-Freedom Lebanese leaders -- and may have been involved in the assassinations this month, meaning that Israel and Syria are still at war, with the future of Lebannon being the proxy war.

Iran is trying to excert a hegemony over the region -- including putting Syria under Iran in terms of influence.

Israel is feeling extra brave, but also extra cornered, as the U.S. could pull out at any time from the Middle East, and Israel recently suffered a military set-back in Lebannon, thus, making Israel more likely to want to strike, feeling on the defensive.

The U.S. for its part is still technically at war with North Korea AND is in tense times with Iran, which recently announced that it does have plans to destroy Israel completely, should anyone attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Syrian interaction with North Korea does NOT help relieve any tensions.

THUS -- if war does break out -- you can pretty much blame everyone.

And don't forget that all it might take is an act on the part of a terrorist -- not affiliated with ANY of the states -- to trigger a war.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Al Jazeera is pretty garbagey, kind of like FOX News. Different sides lying, and thats considered "balanced" somehow. Whatever. Funny how people around the world are more similar than they are different.


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