vnsplshr (vnsplshr) wrote in dramafreedebate,

Government funded college?

Should the government fund college for every high school graduate? If you think so, please explain why.

I think it would be a terrible waste of money, an unfair use of taxation and an unequally applied benefit.

Some claim that free college would provide a leg up needed by many low income kids. What leg up do we then give to kids who won't make use of a college? Other say that college education benefits us by producing an educated society? Doesn't that just mean that our K-12 system needs repair/enhancement? And how does the idea of "educated society" apply to college dropouts? Still other people use the argument that getting a good job in this era requires a college degree. Should we then block government-funded students from entering major programs with a questionable job outlook, like jewelry making or philosophy?

And how do we apply a funded post-secondary school benefit equally to these four people?

- A person who wants to take a two year course in office management
- A person who wants to be a PhD in nuclear physics
- A person who wants to be a self-taught pastry chef
- A person who wants to be a teacher

Is the doctoral student welcome to as much funding as possible, to be a nuclear scientist? Do offer nothing to the future pastry chef?
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